Max Greenfield Is a Proud Dad to 2 Kids: Meet Lilly and Ozzie

Although Max Greenfield's "New Girl" character, Schmidt, has just one daughter (named after Ruth Bader Ginsburg!), in real life, the actor shares two kids with his wife, Tess Sanchez Greenfield, who works as a casting director. The duo got married in 2008 and have since welcomed a daughter, Lilly, and a son, Ozzie. Tess frequently shares photos of their squad on social media, and Max has taken to TikTok quite a few times to share sweet videos with his kids (including a deeply iconic dance with Lilly to Olivia Rodrigo's "Get Him Back").

Max and Tess opened up about their family during a September 2021 interview with Parents magazine. Max revealed that he didn't feel ready to be a dad when Tess got pregnant with Lilly, joking, "You're a psychopath if you're about to have your first child and you're like, 'I'm ready for this!' But after Lilly, I knew I wanted a second. I was an only child, and I wanted her to have a sibling."

Max also says his kids' friends are not impressed by his "New Girl" tenure. "Maybe for half a second," he told Yahoo in April. "And then they meet me and they're like, 'OK.'"

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Lilly Greenfield

Max and Tess welcomed their first child, Lilly, on Jan. 27, 2010. Not only is Lilly a carbon copy of her dad, but it appears she shares his sense of humor as well. While self-isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic, Max began homeschooling Lilly, and their videos together are nothing short of hilarious.

As it turns out, Lilly may also want to follow in her dad's footsteps as a performer. According to The New York Times, Lilly starred as Mary Poppins in a local production and as the Pharaoh in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," all before she turned 10.

On her 10th birthday, Max shared an Instagram video of the entire "The Neighborhood" cast singing happy birthday to Lilly on set. "Happy Birthday to my hard working assistant and daughter Lilly. 10 years old today. Your mom and I are as proud and exhausted as we've ever been," he captioned the adorable video. Lilly also had a small role in a 2021 episode of the show.

In August, Lilly and her parents attended Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Los Angeles, which Tess documented on Instagram.

Ozzie James Greenfield

Max and Tess welcomed their second child, Ozzie, on Aug. 24, 2015. The little one looks just like his mama but apparently is attached to both of his parents — maybe too attached. During self-isolation, Tess joked on Instagram about her then-4-year-old: "If he moves out by his 30th Birthday, I will consider it a win. Currently being waited on and entertained by parents that are available literally 24/7. He won't get used to that Right??????"

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