This Mom Changed the WiFi Password So Her Son Would Help With Chores, but It Gets Better

Like many parents out there, Sarah Coleman has grown tired of asking her 12-year-old son, Joshua, to do his chores. Determined to get him to clean his room, she opted to change the family's WiFi password so he could focus on the task at hand. Naturally, Joshua approached her inquiring about the new passcode, to which Sarah replied, "Clean your room first."

After gathering all the necessary supplies, Joshua finished cleaning his room an hour later. He then found his mom in the kitchen and asked what the password was once more, but Sarah's reply didn't actually change. "Clean your room first, all lowercase, no spaces," she said nonchalantly. Given his "Oh, Mom!" reaction, it's safe to say Sarah totally pulled one over on him!

Thankfully, Sarah shared her clever hack on TikTok, so parents everywhere could give it a try on days their teens aren't feeling especially helpful. What can we say? Context is everything!