Mom "Straight-Up Terrified" to Have Twins Creates Epic Countdown Photos

Hayley Garnett started to admit that she was "straight-up terrified" to go from a mom of one to a mom of three overnight just about a month before her twin girls' due date. Rather than give in to her fear, the mom chose to channel her energy into a fun, lighthearted photo project that would serve as a way to pump herself up in that final month: an epic letter board countdown.

"Soooooooo Ruby and Ramona will be here no more than 32 days from now," Hayley wrote in the Instagram caption of that first photo. "I'm really kinda sorta freaking out! . . . My body feels ready, but I also think I'm going to make it to my date, or at least another couple weeks. We decided to have some fun with our letter board and start a countdown!"

Among the photos spanning from 32 days out to baby day on Nov. 2, Hayley says that her favorite has to be the one taken three days before Ramona and Ruby arrived, in which she expressed in the caption that having a major surgery and experiencing "crazy hormone changes" was making her nerves flare up.

"My favorite is probably the photo of me with the eye black on, armed for battle with my box of diapers and butt rags," she told POPSUGAR. "I honestly didn't know what my life would be like after twins. I really struggled with postpartum depression and being a mother to a newborn didn't feel very natural to me, so it really did feel like I needed to pump myself up and make myself feel strong!"

Based on these snaps, we'd have to say it looks like Hayley's mission to get herself amped prebirth was a success. Scroll through to see all of the countdown photos and to meet Ramona Bronx and Ruby Lee in all their adorable twin glory.