This Mom Dressed Her Kids as Schitt's Creek Characters, and Even Moira's Pose Is Perfect

For the past few years, we've admired mom of three Lauren Mancke for creating enough DIY Halloween costumes for her kids to wear each day of October, and last year, she's shared one a little early in honor of Schitt's Creek absolutely crushing the 2020 Emmy Awards. And it's *simply the best* pop culture costume she's created so far (except for maybe this year's first costume, Ted Lasso characters).

"We've decided to do our month of costumes again this year, like in years past, to bring joy to people, which I know our family needs this year more than ever. After losing my grandmother earlier in May to this virus, we want others to know Halloween isn't canceled and we can still find fun in new creative ways," Lauren told POPSUGAR in September 2020. "We chose to kick things off with a Schitt's Creek costume because it is one of our favorite shows, and also to congratulate them on an unbelievable and well-deserved sweep of the Emmys. Such talent!"

Just like years prior, Lauren used a lot of Primary clothing to create the costumes for her three kids, Fox and his twin sisters, Marigold and Lera. With those pieces as a base, Lauren then used her DIY skills to bring the Rose family's wardrobe to life — she used vinyl to add the lightning bolts to David's sweater, a garbage bag to create Moira's dress, and some felt to really emphasize Eugene Levy/Johnny's iconic eyebrows. Fox is dressed up as David and Johnny in the photo, thanks to a little editing magic; Marigold is dressed as Moira; and Lera is a floppy-hat-clad Alexis.

As usual, Lauren will be posting her family's DIY costumes every day in October on her Instagram account, and we can't wait to see them all!