The 15 Best Halloween Costume Ideas For a Family of 3

Are you celebrating your baby's first Halloween, or is this the last hurrah before they're old enough to go trick-or-treating on their own? Either way, if you need family-of-three Halloween costumes, then you've come to the right place. While we know it's a fun holiday, finding the right costume can be overwhelming, especially when there's a new family member in the mix. But stress no more — plenty of family Halloween costumes await!

Whether you're looking to go all in on a costume, planning on buying new outfits, hoping to DIY your costumes, or on the lookout for an easy, low-effort idea, there's plenty of inspiration you can take from these inventive family costumes for three.

From Disney characters to inanimate objects — like s'mores — you'll definitely feel ready to tackle this Halloween after seeing these costumes (even if it's only for Instagram). We promise you'll be taking home the "best group costume" award before the strike of midnight. And for the dog parents out there, know that it's just as easy to incorporate the four-legged member of your family into these family-of-three Halloween costume ideas.

See our favorite family costumes for three ahead.

— Additional reporting by Melanie Whyte and Kelsey Garcia


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: "Jurassic Park"

Is there anything more ferociously cute than this mini dinosaur? Though there are now a staggering six Jurassic Park films, this nod to the original is classic for your family of three.


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: S'mores

Does your family have a sweet tooth? To be this campfire classic for Halloween, you'll need a graham cracker, a chocolate bar, and a marshmallow. (The "pretend I'm a marshmallow" T-shirt is a shortcut, yes, but also funny.)


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: Farm Animals

This family costume for three offers parents an excuse to wear comfortable overalls and call it a day while their little one dresses up as their farm animal of choice. Bonus points for getting a bandana to stay on your pet.


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: McDonald's Combo Meal

This family of three's McDonald's costume definitely requires some craftiness and a good amount of cardboard. But the end result? The happiest meal around.


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: Bee, Beekeeper and Honey Bear

This adorable family-of-three costume — consisting of a bee, a beekeeper, and a bear — will leave everyone in the neighborhood buzzing with joy.


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: Peanuts Characters

If your family turns on "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" the second the leaves change color, then consider dressing up as various Peanuts characters like Lucy, Linus, and Charlie Brown himself for Halloween. If you have a football to carry around, even better.


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: "Luca"

Silenzio, Bruno! Dress up as the sweetest trio of sea monsters in this family costume inspired by Pixar's "Luca."


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: "Titanic"

It doesn't initially seem like "Titanic" would lend itself to a family costume for three, no. But if you add a cardboard door to the equation, then your Jack and Rose are all good to go on Halloween.


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: "Lady and the Tramp" and Spaghetti

A "Lady and the Tramp" Halloween costume is creative, but adding a tiny ball of spaghetti takes it to a whole new level — and makes it perfect for a family of three.


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: Skeletons

A timeless choice: all you need are skeleton onesies for this classic Halloween costume for your family of three. And for the finishing touch, a little face paint goes a long way.


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: Carl, Russell, and the House from "Up"

Creating a house for your toddler to wear may be next-level DIY, but it's definitely worth it to have a one-of-a-kind costume. Also, if you have a golden retriever who needs a costume, Dug is always ready for an adventure.


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: Moana, Maui, and Te Fiti

How far will you go to be the best-dressed family in the neighborhood? You'll need some faux tattoos, a green wig, and more to pull off this "Moana" costume for a family of three.


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: Jack-o'-Lanterns and a Ghost

What's more classic for Halloween than a jack-o'-lantern or ghost? Plus, this simple costume for a family of three is effective with just printed sweatshirts. We love an easy, one-item costume!


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: 101 Dalmatians

Embrace your inner villain with this "101 Dalmatians" costume for a family of three, starring an adorable dalmatian puppy, of course.


Family-of-3 Halloween Costumes: The Addams Family

As you await the second season of "Wednesday," pay homage to the iconic Addams Family with your family of three's Halloween costume. In this creative take, not only do Wednesday, Morticia, and Gomez all make an appearance, but a little craftiness makes it so that Cousin Itt and Thing are in the mix, too.