A Mom Wearing a Buzz Lightyear Helmet to the Grocery Store Is the Laugh You Need Right Now

To the grocery store and beyond! Kelly Hogan Painter wanted to be responsible on her trip to the grocery store, heeding the CDC's recommendations to wear a mask when in public settings, but she had a problem: her family didn't have any masks. They did, however, have a child's-size Buzz Lightyear helmet, complete with sounds and a button that closes the plastic face guard.

"If y'all see me on the news tonight PLEASE don't tell my mama. She would be so embarrassed," Kelly joked in the caption of a video she took of herself wearing the helmet outside. She added in the comments: "I just want to make sure that through all of this mess that we keep our faith and our SMILES! I [reckon] the next time that I venture out into uncharted space that I will brush my hair and put make up on though 😭 Y'all stay safe!"

See Kelly's full video above — we hope her trip through the galaxy to the supermarket was successful and that Star Command helped her navigate those aisles safely and efficiently.