This Mom's Photo Project on What It's Like to Lose a Pregnancy Is So Powerful

Dana Dewedoff-Carney
Dana Dewedoff-Carney

Dana Dewedoff-Carney, a mom from New Jersey, has never felt more pain than when she lost her baby when she was 14 weeks pregnant in June. While doing her best to process the news in the doctor's office, her physician told her that it was simply "the wrong baby" and her body was just "doing its job to get rid of it." Shocked, Dana knew she needed to do something to honor the son she lost and help other women who found themselves in the same situation. She created the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Project and shared it to Facebook, and women are rallying behind it.

Its mantra? To spread awareness about how devastating having a miscarriage or a stillbirth can be. "One in 4 pregnancies will end in miscarriage or loss, yet how many women do you know who actually talk about it? We are the face of 1 in 4 pregnancies," she wrote. "Start the discussion."

"Because the truth is, we aren't really doing a good job at it. It's still a really stigmatized subject."

"I can tell you that I faced a lot in my lifetime," Dana told POPSUGAR. "But nothing compared to the moment I found out our son was gone. I have never felt more emotional pain in my life. I have never felt more alone in my life."

Dana hopes that simply talking about it will give women a much-needed support system. "I developed this campaign to raise awareness about how we talk to each other about pregnancy and infant loss," she explained. "Because the truth is, we aren't really doing a good job at it. It's still a really stigmatized subject."

And although Dana may seem perfectly fine to a passing stranger, she admits that some days are better than others when it comes to grieving the son she's lost.

"Sharing our struggles is what connects us all," she said. "I struggle still. I may be dressed up and smiling right now, but it doesn't mean I don't struggle over the loss of our son. Every day is different. So is every hour. It simply means that I am continuing to live in this beautiful and messy life. And that's why I'm talking about it. Because no one should live in silence. Talk about things. Get them out. I am."

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"Christina is often told 'maybe it was meant to be' regarding the loss of her son, Hunter Anthony, at 25 weeks, 2 days."

"People have said 'but he never lived' about her son Lennon, who was born still."

"Christina said that many people will say, 'He needs a brother!' to her. Little do they know, she has suffered the pain of a stillbirth and a miscarriage."

"At the age of 15, Aubrey was told her baby was not a 'baby.' She had an abortion. Years later, she suffered a miscarriage. She again was told, 'It's not a baby.'"

"Dara Sawyer said that the comment that hurts her the most is 'You're so lucky! You have one of each!' But she actually has two boys and one girl. One boy is an angel."

Dana Dewedoff-Carney

"People often ask Andrea when she is going to start having children. But she has one. An angel."

"When Melissa tells people she lost her daughter Averi at 28 weeks, they sometimes respond with, 'Well you can adopt.'"