This Mom's Shocking Twitter Thread Proves That You Should Always Get a Second Medical Opinion

Jen Curran, a new mom at 38 years old, is sharing the importance of getting a second medical opinion after recently discovering that what she was told was a weight-loss issue is actually bone marrow cancer. In a now-viral Twitter thread, Jen explained that after her doctor found protein in her urine during her second trimester, she was diagnosed with preeclampsia and put on bed rest.

Fast forward five months after she gave birth, and there was still protein in her urine. After being instructed to lose weight and follow up in a few months by a kidney doctor, Jen took her health into her own hands and went to get a second opinion. And it's a very good thing she did. Upon seeing a second specialist, she was told she had multiple myeloma, otherwise known as bone marrow cancer.

While Jen is fortunate that her condition was brought to light thanks to her recent pregnancy, she wants to encourage others to not only get a second opinion but get a solid recommendation from their current health provider when it comes to making an appointment. Read ahead to learn about Jen's terrifying experience.