See a Mom Reunite With Her Quadruplets After Being Separated by the Texas Storm For 8 Days

Having grown up in New Jersey, Starlyn Cafferata and her husband, Bill, didn't feel nervous when they learned a massive snowstorm was headed toward their new hometown of Austin, TX. The couple welcomed quadruplets last month, and though Starlyn had last visited her babies in the NICU on Feb. 11, she figured she'd be able to go back to see them again in a day or two post-snowstorm. Unfortunately, the storm was way worse than Starlyn and Bill could have ever imagined, leaving millions of Texans to battle freezing temperatures without power, heat, and water.

Unable to visit her little ones for eight long days due to the treacherous conditions, Starlyn finally got to see her babies again on Feb. 19. To celebrate the tender moment, she shared a video of the reunion on TikTok. Set to Lizzo's "Good as Hell," the mom captioned the touching clip, "That's one happy Mama!"

"It was starting to sleet so I left, thinking I'd be able to come back and see them Saturday or Sunday, which I quickly realized wasn't the case, which was devastating!" Starlyn told POPSUGAR of the first day of the storm. "Ultimately, I knew my family at home needed me, and even though I drove my husband nuts wanting to go to the hospital, I just couldn't get there. It was horrible. The NICU staff, I couldn't say enough about them, they are so warm and caring. They FaceTimed us every day. They read them books and cuddled them."

When Starlyn was finally able to reunite with her kiddos, she felt like a weight had been lifted off her chest. "I initially felt a range of relief and guilt and overwhelming joy," she explained. "This was the most difficult thing I've had to do in a long time, and I couldn't possibly describe those feelings in words!" Now, Starlyn is eager to spend more time with her babies before bringing them all home for good.