Actionable Ways You Can Help Texans Affected by Power Outages Right Now

Millions of Texas residents are without electricity, heat, and water as winter storm Uri's frigid, snowy weather has caused widespread power outages across the Lone Star State. In response to the ongoing crisis, President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency on Feb. 14, thus authorizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to assist local authorities with sheltering and disaster relief efforts. If you're looking for ways to pitch in and help Texans stay warm, sheltered, and fed amid the dire conditions, look ahead for a handful of actions you can take right now, even from across the country. And if you live in Texas, be sure to check out these helpful tips for conserving power at home.

Donate to These Mutual Aid Groups (or Boost Them on Social Media)

Donate to These Organizations (or Boost Them on Social Media)

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