A Mom Made Her Family Take Notes as She "Taught" Them Basic Household Tasks, and Ha!

There's usually one person in each home that pays more attention than others to the little details — that the toilet seat is down, the cabinets are all closed, the snacks in the pantry are all sealed; the list goes on. In her house, Amy Flanigan is that person, and since being home with her family, it appears as though she reached a point in which she decided that her two kids and partner needed a few lessons in performing common household tasks.

Rather than sit them down to have a chat about the things they don't do — like replacing empty toilet paper rolls or closing the cap on the toothpaste — Amy decided to take the humor route and had her family follow her around the house as she demonstrated how to these basic tasks herself. The best part? They each have a notebook and furiously take notes while delivering spot-on commentary about how they didn't realize that the towel rack was for hanging towels.

The lessons span over two funny TikTok videos featuring Amy's whole family — with hastags like #familylife and #parenting101 — but they're so relatable, you'll want to passive aggressively share them with whoever you live with (sorry in advance, partners, roommates, kids, and parents!) Watch both of Amy's lighthearted and hilarious TikTok videos above and ahead.