1 Mom Shared Her 12-Year-Old Daughter's Account of a School Lockdown — and It's Terrifying

Sarah Wine-Thyre, an actress and mom, wants to make one thing very clear to parents: school lockdowns are next-level terrifying for kids. In order to get her point across, she asked her 12-year-old daughter to tell her exactly what happened during one that took place at her school — and there's no denying they're intense. Sarah decided to tweet out what her daughter experienced, and now the Twitter thread has gone completely viral.

Her initial tweet read: "This afternoon, I received text alerts from my kids' school that they were on lockdown. I thought you might like to know what happens, from the perspective of my 12yo. I just picked her up from school and she was rattled and full of adrenaline."

From there, she gives some important insight as to what's going through kids' heads when there's a potential threat — and frankly, it's shocking and upsetting that our children have to experience this in the first place.