Got Ink? 31 Real Moms Play Show-and-Tell With Their Tattoos

We recently posed a question about tattoos on our Facebook page to see where our readers weighed in on their ink pre and postkids. What we got in response was a stunning 800+ comments, many accompanied by photos, and almost all in agreement that they had no regrets. Whether you're into or against ink, we're sure you'll be as captivated by these women's stories as we were.

"I got my daughter's name tatted on me when she was 3 months. She's almost 4 now, and she thinks it's cool mommy has her name on her!" — Holly A. Miller

"I don't regret a single one. In fact, I didn't get any of my 20 plus tats until after I became a mom." — Lori Keppler

"No regrets (tattoo showing is a work in progress)!" — Ragna Blanco

"I love my tattoo! My kids like it too. No regrets!" — Christy Marinak Bobroff

"I will never regret that in a million years! My daughter's printing at [age] 3 of her name . . . 'Brooke!'" — Karen Serecin

"I have five, and this is my favorite. I don't regret any of my tattoos." — Shelly N Paul G

"I am 37 years old. I have four kids, two of which are now in the Navy. I have nine tattoos, and have plans for five more. My husband has tattoos, and so do my Navy children. Tattoos to me are a form of expression." — Amanda Castillo

"I actually didn't get my first tattoo until after I had my first two kids — it's their footprints and names. After my divorce and getting my life back together, I actually added to it, and now I am fixing to add to it again with my third baby's footprint and name. There's nothing for me to regret . . . there's a story to it, and my kids love looking at it, and I have no problems showing it. It's my journey through life with my kids, the loss of my daughter's twin through vanishing twin syndrome, my divorce, and getting back on my feet to where I'm at now." — Tricia McCoy

"This is the only visible one I have. I have another on my hip. But this [is] in memory of my mom, who passed from complications of Lupus when I was 9 years old. It's not for anyone else to judge. It's for me to remember my mom. No regrets here." — Katherine A. Sevigny

"Nope. [No regrets.]" — Laurel Davis

"No regrets here. None of my tattoos are bad. In fact my daughter picked out one of mine. She picked it and named it Suzy!" — Nesa Mari May

"I don't regret any of mine, especially my most recent one, as it is in memory of my baby boy, who was stillborn in April." — Chantelle King

"I have 13, and my husband is covered. My older kids love my tattoos and even like showing them off to their friends when I take them somewhere. I took my newborn to the doctor this morning, and the pediatrician even complimented my tattoos. Most people see how dedicated a mom I am before they see my tattoos. Of course since we live in a military town, tattoos are the status quo." — Diana Prince

"'Sons are the anchors of a mother's heart,' and my brother designed it. No regrets!" — Jennifer Callihan

"This is mine, done just two weeks — BECAUSE of my daughter! She was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 4 years old. The tattoo means "love is greater than the highs and lows.'" — Lisa McAnally

"I have a 9-year-old, 6-year-old, and twins on the way . . . I never regret mine because I made sure they all had meaning behind them!" — Ambree Hall

"I don't regret any of mine. To date, I have four, with two more planned. This piece is my most recent. A sweet dedication to my kids." — Lindsay Thompson

"I have a bunch. This was when my arm was freshly done around 18 months ago. Love them all! I also have Sailor Jerry pieces on my outer thighs, and a breastfeeding one on my wrist." — Jessica Pearson

"No regrets. My kids are 6, 8, and 17. My oldest turns 18 next month, and we're getting a matching [one] kind of like this for her birthday." — Amber Goreham

"Don't regret. I have 11, including my kids' names, but that's probably too many to show. So here is one!" — Karin Gesell-Miller

"No regrets from this momma! This is my oldest daughter and me when she was 6 months (she's now 32 months)." — Nikki Wilson

"My husband and our kids' birth month flowers, and I have five others . . . doesn't change who I am as a person, a wife, or a mom — it just adds more character to me!" — Jennifer Grasso Byron

"My kids' footprints." — Amishia Caron

"Don't regret it at all, my first and only tattoo (as of right now) is for my children!" — Nadine Mollard

"I have 11 tattoos [and am] planning on getting more. My kids love my tattoos! The only thing I regret is going to the 'artists' I went to when I was younger." — Alexis Buono

"My daughter, Lea, loves it. This is one of seven tattoos . . . she writes her name and is always proud of it." — Tanja van Bentum

"Don't regret it at all. I will be getting more as well." — Jessica Lower

"My daughter and I got these tats [because] I used to sing this to her all the time. I adore her so much. She is 21 and I thought this was perfect for us. It made the bond that much more special. No regrets!" — Cheri St Pierre

"I didn't even get my first tattoo until after I had my three kids. I have three stars on my feet for my kids." — Sheena Barker Grant

"I have three and I'm proud of mine. I had all three after kids. They each have meanings and I thought about them before I got them. My favorite is on my wrist. It's a semicolon. Because my husband passed away. The semicolon is where the author would have chosen to stop the sentence, but instead continued on. So my life has had loss, but I chose to continue on." — Anne Jones Bacheller