There's Finally a Cheater's Edition of Monopoly, Because Rules Are For Squares

There are two types of people in this world: those who play Monopoly by the rules and those who cheat. Hasbro has finally recognized that a significant portion of us fall into the latter group β€” nearly half, in fact β€” and announced a new version of the game created specifically for cheaters. According to Insider, players will actually be encouraged to cheat during the game β€” but they'll be, quite literally, handcuffed to the game if caught in the act.

Cheater's Edition will reportedly contain 15 special cards that each encourage a specific devious plot; steal money from the bank (this edition has no designated banker), sabotage somebody else's game real estate, and so on. Players are free to attempt these tasks during the game. "If a player succeeds at any given task, they get rewarded. On the flip side, if they get caught, there are consequences," reports Insider. "The back of the cheat cards list specific rewards and punishments for each cheat." This is where those handcuffs can come into play!

This shady version of the game officially hits shelves on June 1, but let's be real β€” you can keep cheating during normal Monopoly until then. (Who has the energy to play a full, cheat-free game of Monopoly? PLEASE!)