Disney's New Nightmare Before Christmas Ears Are "Simply Meant to Be" Yours

We'll admit it — after the folks at Disney released rose gold Minnie Mouse ears, we thought they'd never be able to top them. But we're always happy to be proven wrong, and we'll gladly admit our mistake now that there's a new pair of ears taking over Disneyland! The new Disney headwear, inspired by Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, are perfect for parkgoers who could never imagine settling for a plain ol' pair of ears.

The specialty ears are available for $25 at carts outside of the Haunted Mansion ride at the Disney park, with visitors reporting that the new Sally version sells out especially quickly. So if you're unable to snag a pair on your next trip, don't fret — you can pick up a pair of Jack Skellington ears online for the same price! Check 'em all out ahead and send a hint to Sandy Claws.

While the Sally ears aren't available online yet, you can pick up Jack Skellington mouse ears ($25)!