This Is the Lightest Car Seat Ever, So Drop It Like a Feather Into Your Shopping Cart

Infant car seats — as important as they are for keeping our babies safe — are, from one mom to another, the worst. They are heavy, clunky, and back-breaking, and that's before we even put our newborn in them. In fact, the average car seat weighs 10 pounds, with convertible car seats clocking in at 20 to 25 pounds on their own. Add a seven-pound baby, and it's awful. But just wait until they're six months old and you are lugging nearly 50 pounds of cargo to and from your vehicle.

Not. Fun.

And although we aren't promising "fun" with this latest innovation, the geniuses at Nuna have just debuted a car seat that is so light, you won't even realize you're carrying it. The Pipa Lite, which is available for preorder today and retails for $350, is officially the lightest infant car seat on the market, weighing only 5.3 pounds.

Sure, this weight technically doesn't include the canopy and insert, so it's a little like adding a metal rod to the top of a skyscraper considering the next-lightest car seat is the Evenflo Discovery at 5.5 pounds. But when you're holding your baby in a car seat along with your purse, a diaper bag, and a tote filled with groceries, every ounce counts, right?

Its sleek, lightweight design is thanks to carefully curated high-performance materials including aerospace aluminum and featherweight fabrics. Most importantly, it exceeds American safety standards and includes top-of-the-line features, including a "true-lock" base installation and aeroflex foam to absorb and diffuse crash impacts.

Curious about what such a lightweight car seat looks like? You'll be surprised at how substantial the Pipa Lite really is. Take a peek — you won't have to lift a finger.