15 Creative Nursery Themes That Will Surround Your Baby With Dreams and Adventure

Expecting a baby comes with a lot of necessary forward-planning to make sure that you and your home are ready for the little one's arrival. While some of the planning is more on the logistical and practical side, it's also a chance to design and plan your baby's nursery. Creating a space where your baby feels warm, loved, and nurtured and which encourages their imagination as they grow is something that all parents strive for. If you're not sure where to start or just want some inspiration for your new baby's new space, check out some of these cute, creative, and totally doable nursery theme ideas.


Mountain Theme

The mountain wall mural is the centerpiece of this theme, but each piece in the room comes together to create a really gorgeous nursery. The color scheme is classic — cool and calming for a baby's room with lots of creams, whites, grays, and blues. Try it in your own nursery with this mountain blanket ($15) and mountain LED light box decor ($17).


Circus Theme

This circus theme is so fun and playful, and we love how they've carried out the theme without going over the top with the color scheme. Look for pieces of decor with elephants, lions, and other circus animals, like this set of fitted sheets ($60 for three).


Unicorn Theme

With unicorns, it can be easy to go a bit overboard with all of the rainbow colors associated with this mystical creature. Instead, try opting for a more subtle palette with pink, white, and hints of gray. A large, plush unicorn ($150) and four-piece unicorn crib bedding set ($140) are just what you need for this theme!


Rustic Vintage Theme

If you love the rustic vintage theme, there's no reason you can't carry it through to your baby's nursery — with a few adjustments. Pick a strong color scheme, like this room's white and soft green, and incorporate vintage elements throughout. Try this 1920s airplane mobile ($64) to hang above the crib!


Pink Floral Theme

This pink floral-themed nursery is so gorgeous and well put-together, you can easily adjust it over the years as your child gets older without it feeling dated or inappropriate. The best part about this nursery is the peony wall stickers ($104), which you can easily apply yourself!


Savanna Theme

The reason this savanna-themed nursery works without feeling gimmicky is its use of neutral colors. The wallpaper is totally appropriate for the theme, but still blends into the background. Grab a set of those cute animal wall art prints ($17 for four) to re-create this in your own home.


Monochrome Theme

This monochrome setup is one of the easiest to re-create in your nursery, but it's also one with the biggest impact! It works for a baby's nursery because all of the pieces retain their playfulness, despite the lack of color. Look for some cute art prints to hang on the wall and try a four-piece crib set ($160) that does the decorating for you.


Adventure Theme

This stunning nursery has all of the hallmarks of an adventure theme: a mountain mural, arrows, and a great color scheme. An arrow-print bean bag ($69), some arrow-print crib sheets ($28), and a color scheme with blue, gold, and gray are just what you need to re-create this theme.


Cactus Theme

We can't get enough of this fun and totally adorable cactus-themed nursery! The key with this is to choose one or two pieces with cactus print, then accent them with other pieces and prints in similar colors so you don't overwhelm the space. This cactus mobile ($40) is a cute option!


Princess Theme

The princess theme is pretty ubiquitous for nurseries and children's rooms, but this one does a great job of communicating the theme without being totally pink. By focusing the pink on the wall and some small accents, it feels cozy and comfortable. The swan decor ($12) is a nice touch!


Sky Theme

Gray is such a great nursery color, whether your preference is to keep things gender neutral or not. This sky theme is definitely appropriate for boys and girls, and the combination of space, clouds, and star elements creates a really cute look for your baby's nursery. Try these cloud decals ($35) for a similar look!


Woodland Theme

Who doesn't love a great woodland theme? Foxes, rabbits, deer, and other animals are such cute additions to your baby's nursery.


Disney Theme

Disney is a ubiquitous theme for many childhoods, so get your baby started early with a Disney-themed nursery! You can go all out with a four-piece Mickey Mouse crib set ($150, originally $200) or incorporate subtle pieces into the decor like this modern crib sheet ($40) and some Disney-printed wall art ($11 and up).


Peter Pan Theme

For the child that you hope never grows up, the Peter Pan theme seems particularly fitting for a nursery. The map art behind the crib makes a great focal point for the room, with lots of other Peter Pan elements scattered throughout. Re-create it for yourself with this gorgeous Peter Pan wall tapestry ($38, originally $44).


Harry Potter Theme

One nursery theme that's only going to get more and more popular is the Harry Potter theme! There are so many ways to do this in your baby's room, but we love this Hedwig lamp ($179). This room does the theme right with a dark accent wall, lots of Harry Potter-related pictures, and some additional pieces to make the room feel comfortable and cozy . . . just like Hogwarts!