Ice Painting, Stained Glass Chalk Art, and 8 Other Outdoor Crafts For Kids

Crafting doesn't have to be saved for days when it's too hot, cold, rainy, or snowy to leave the house. On days you're able to get outside with kids — especially in the warmer months — there are a bunch of fun and easy crafts that will encourage your kids to connect with nature and create unique art outdoors. The best part? No indoor mess!

From ice painting and stained glass chalk art to pet rocks, keep reading to see some of the easiest outdoor crafts to add to your kids' activity list.


Nature Painting

Using flowers and leaves as brushes, create colorful nature paintings with your kiddos.


Painted Pine Cones

You can paint the pine cones with brushes, use the pine cones as paintbrushes, or both! The possibilities are endless.


Nature Art

Use leaves, flowers, and mud to create fun nature art. You can even cut faces out of paper and have your kids make nature self-portraits!



These DIY kites look so much fun; plus, they're two activities in one!


Nature Pals

This is such an easy activity, but look how fun!


Stained Glass Chalk Art

A little bit of painter's tape and a lot of chalk go into this outdoor project that will keep your kids busy for quite some time!


Outdoor Painting

Whether you have a clear easel like this one or just some paper, outdoor painting is the best painting!



You can use a stick or plastic cup (as pictured) as a base for a wind chime with anything jangly you have in your kids' craft draw. Bells, beads, or, if it's more for aesthetics, you can decorate them with things that won't make noise on a windy night!


Ice Painting

A bowl of ice, a paint brush, and a paper plate with some paint colors is all you need for this fun project!