33 Hilarious Ways Parents Have Used Those Trendy Letter Boards on Instagram

Although I grew up going to a church with psalms written on those old-fashioned letter boards, it wasn't until I started seeing quotes on them all over Instagram that I became obsessed with the versatile felt boards. After picking one up myself I've spent hours looking through hashtags to see what other people do with their boards, which is when I discovered the masses of hilarious parents who use their own boards to lament about being a parent in hilarious ways.

From quotes about the struggles of potty-training to those touching on a person's life before they became a parent, every single one is hilarious in its own right — and normally framed in a photo with a kiddo or two (or a pile of dirty laundry, because kids).

Ahead, check out some of the best letter board parenting quotes we've seen on Instagram so far (and pick up a letter board for yourself from Letterfolk).