See Why This Photo of Women and Their Babies Is Eliciting a Strong Reaction From Moms

Who loves this "rainbow babies" photo? A "rainbow baby" is a baby that is born following a miscarriage, stillbirth,...

Posted by Every Child is a Blessing: The Journey Through My Pregnancy on Sunday, September 20, 2015

A "rainbow baby" is a baby born after a couple experiences miscarriage or still birth. It's called that because you can't have a rainbow without a storm. And after the storm of pregnancy loss, a beautiful rainbow (child) breaks through the clouds to bring happiness.

It isn't an easy concept to show — though the joy on parents' faces can tell quite a story — but Natalia Karpovovy and Elena Gannenko seem to have captured it. A photo posted to the Every Child Is a Blessing: The Journey Through My Pregnancy Facebook page, shows the photographers' side-by-side photos of seven women. In the first photo, the women are pregnant and dressed representing the colors of the rainbow. In the second, they're all wearing white and holding their rainbow-clad babies in their arms. Without saying a word, the photo speaks volumes for the millions of families who have gone through the experience.

After posting the photo, thousands of commenters to the post began showing off their own rainbow babies. Chasity Boatman, who blogs at Every Child Is a Blessing and runs the page, told us, "I hope that my responses back and forth with women on 'Rainbow Babies' helps them feel supported, loved, and that their struggles with conception and loss are being heard by someone." She adds, "The thing about 'Rainbow Babies' that I've been the happiest about it is the healing and support women have been providing to one another in the comment's section."

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