1 Photographer's Powerful Photo Will Inspire Moms Everywhere, Regardless How Their Baby Is Fed

Felicia Saunders, a photographer from Henderson, NV, has always believed fed is best, period. In an effort to spread that message far and wide, she organized a photo shoot with moms who feed their children three different ways: by breastfeeding, using formula, and via gastrostomy tube.

"I was inspired by my own challenges I faced in my own breastfeeding journey that turned into formula feeding for both of my children," she told POPSUGAR. "I was unable to produce enough breast milk to feed either of my babies, and I felt like a failure because I could not provide what I was led to believe was the only way."

"I was unable to produce enough breast milk to feed either of my babies, and I felt like a failure."

Feeling discouraged, Felicia settled on using formula. However, as soon as she began bottle feeding, she realized it was the setup that worked best for her and her baby.

"When I began to use formula, I realized that what is best for others wasn't always what is best for me and my baby. I am pro 'moms supporting moms,' and I knew other mothers could be feeling much like I had because they were unable to breastfeed or chose an alternative," she explained. "I wanted to create an image to show those mothers that regardless of how they feed their babies, they are beautiful and strong. I also wanted the image to inspire inclusion, support, and empathy."

Now, Felicia is using her gorgeous photography to spread awareness of the fact that as long as your baby is getting enough nutrients, it doesn't matter how they are fed. Scroll ahead to get a peek at Felicia's stunning work, which has gone viral on Facebook.