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Fed Is Best Photo Series

Instead of Shaming Each Other, These Moms Are Proving That "Fed Is Best"

Fed Is Best Photo Series

Having lived in an orphanage, photographer Mikaela Bodkin knows firsthand the importance of food and nutrients for babies, yet she sees moms criticized and belittled for how they feed their babies. In order to prove that all moms should be celebrated and proud of the different ways they feed their children, this talented photographer created a powerful photo series showcasing these diverse mamas.

"Feeding your child is a special bond — no matter how you are feeding them," she told POPSUGAR. "I have witnessed firsthand that mom-shaming is still a thing. I think it's important we realize that we are all doing the best we can. Some mothers breastfeed, some can't or don't want too, some mommas have to pump or tube feed their children — who is anyone to judge?"

Through her photos, Mikaela is not only normalizing all types of feeding methods, but is also giving these moms a priceless gift. "We live in a judgmental world. No matter what we do it's going to occur, but hopefully I can shed some light on the fact that no matter how you do it, if you are doing what is best for you and baby, that is what's best period," she added.

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