The Terrified — and Hysterical — Look on 1 Man's Face Accurately Sums Up Labor For Dads

While moms endure the painful contractions and crowning babies, it's their partners who have to stand by and watch — in all of childbirth's bloody glory.

Just because men aren't the ones delivering the baby doesn't mean that the process is always easy on them. Some dads-to-be can't handle helplessly seeing the mother of their child in pain, others get faint at the sight of any blood, and some experience a bit of physical pain as well. When Alisha Baxter was delivering her baby girl, the hysterical look on her husband's face encompassed it all.

Jive Ria looked particularly terrified as Alisha squeezed his fingers in a fierce grip when she began to push. Her cousin captured the Australian dad's expression right when his daughter, Blakely, began to crown.

"Us blokes go through a lot of pain as well. As you can see in my face," Jive told the Daily Mail. He also wanted to share some wisdom with other men about to enter fatherhood: "Just be there and do as you're told or you will end up hurt."