37 Moms Fighting the Stigma of Extended Breastfeeding With Gorgeous Photos

No matter what your journey with feeding your child has looked like — whether you breastfed or formula-fed — being able to nourish your babies from birth is a beautiful thing. For some moms, breastfeeding into toddlerhood is what worked best for their family, and so many of those moms, in an attempt to normalize breastfeeding in all its forms, have shared stunning photos of them nursing their babies.

Whether it was a snap Dad took right at home or a professional photo taken in a serene setting, each and every one of these moms' extended breastfeeding photos is too beautiful for words — see for yourself.

Lovemade Handmade

That sweet, sweet eye contact is full of so much love.

Tina Trimmer

We'd also like to have our lunch in this glorious-looking spot, please and thank you.

Instagram | littlemuslimunschoolers
Lindsey Cole

A little creek-side dining for one, please!

Natalie McCain | The Honest Body Project

The way this little guy is resting his head on mama is too pure.

Áine Zion

This mama joked about her little girl getting some "stew-infused milk."

Blee Photography

The cherry blossoms pictured are nowhere near the most beautiful part of this snap.

Instagram | slayer_for_breakfast

Sunshine, Mom's embrace, and a snack — sounds like an ideal situation.

Keshia Lee

We love the way this sweet pea is peeking up at the camera.

Captured by Serafina

This serene snap is so gorgeous.

Instagram | hipsolomama

"Shhh, Mom, I'm busy."

Lilyta Photography Blog

Multitasking at its finest!

Natalie McCain | The Honest Body Project

Despite doing what works best for her family, this mom struggled with extended nursing and says moms "shouldn't be made to feel ashamed to be doing something so normal."

Instagram | ashleyprentiss

Standing and feeding a toddler? Now that's talent.

Instagram | chelseadreamin

Nearing what seems like it may be the end of her breastfeeding journey with her son, this mom was feeling a mix of emotions as she shared this image.

Angel Murphy Photography

Even in his Sunday best, this little guy was ready to roll.

Instagram | emilie_emilee

This cutie's smile is too adorable to handle.

Jade Beall Photography

The composition of this serious snap is utterly breathtaking.

Natalie McCain | The Honest Body Project

This mom admits to becoming much more open-minded now that she's a mother, especially since her philosophy on breastfeeding used to be "when they can ask for it, they're too old!"

Jessica Lea Photography

The bond between this mom and her daughter is so apparent and so beautiful.

Kali Centeno

Even on her wedding day, mama was ready for her little guy's meals.

Amanda Ellis
Alayna Spratley

We love the matching haircuts this mama and kiddo trio sported during this sweet photo shoot!

The Greatest Wonders

Help! We literally just fainted at the beauty of this tandem breastfeeding milk bath photo.

Jazzlynn With

This mom shared a gorgeous outdoor photo in honor of Mother's Day.

Natalie McCain | The Honest Body Project

This mom posed to reverse the "stigma on breastfeeding, and especially on extended nursing."

Brynja Photography

We love the way this photographer got baby's direct eye contact for the shot.

Natalie McCain | The Honest Body Project

This trio was all giggles during a tandem nursing session.

Angel Murphy Photography

We can't get enough of this little lady's sweet facial expression and relaxed position.

Instagram | afroveganmama

Along with nursing, this silly little one snacked on her foot.

Ivette Ivens Photography

From the matching outfits to the identical baby poses, these moms coordinated every detail.

Jenna Tanner

This mama prepared her little guy for sleep with a feed and a "magic purple bath" — how dreamy.

Sabrena Rexing Photography

We love the "I got this" look on Mom's face in this shot!

Sabrena Rexing Photography

Outnumbered is an understatement here, but this mama is handling it!