This Toddler Walked Right Into a Pond in the Middle of His Family Photo Shoot, and I Can't Stop Cackling

When Matt and Haleigh Mizzles settled on having their family portraits done at South Spring Baptist Church in Tyler, TX, they were eager to make the most of the stunning backdrop, complete with a pond. While photographer Jasmine Tamlin was able to capture some sweet moments of the family of five, the photo shoot took a turn when their 2-year-old son, Lincoln, decided to go for a dip midsession.

"I finished taking photos of the kids, and they were sitting on a blanket behind me. I wanted to take some pictures of Haleigh and Matt," Jasmine told POPSUGAR. "I started shooting, and then all of a sudden I heard quietness. I turned around and noticed that Lincoln is walking towards the water and I said, 'Hey, Matt, he's about to jump in!' Matt and Haleigh ran to him, but unfortunately, they were too late, and Lincoln dove right into the dirty pond. I always keep shooting during a session, no matter what. I wanted to capture as many raw and real photos as possible!"

Much to my delight, Jasmine was able to document Lincoln's adventure from start to finish. Despite the hiccup in their plans, neither Haleigh nor Matt was too upset about the impromptu swim. "Most parents would've been angry and yelling at their children, but Haleigh and Matt both found a way to laugh through it," Jasmine explained. "They didn't expect it to happen, but I don't think their minds were completely blown, either. This is everyday life with a 2-year-old. You get some good, you get some bad, and you get swimming lessons in a dirty pond!"

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