28 Photos of Kate Middleton Looking Lovingly at Her Kids That Will Make Your Heart Burst

Although Kate Middleton and her kids are constantly photographed at events smiling and waving, it's the candid photos that we really can't get enough of. More often than not, if the family is caught not posing for a photo, Kate is either defusing a toddler tantrum or, quite the opposite: looking so lovingly at one or all of her children, that it's enough to make anyone's heart burst at the sight of it.

Ahead, take a look at some of our favorite love-filled photos of Kate with George, Charlotte, and Louis, which all prove that at her core, the duchess is just a typical mama bear.

Getty | Karwai Tang

Kate, peering lovingly at her firstborn, the day she became a mama.

Getty | Karwai Tang

Kate looking on at an adorable Princess Charlotte.

Getty | The White House

Even in front of Barack Obama, Kate only had eyes for her sweet toddler.

Getty | Chris Jackson

Charlotte may be in love with that pink balloon, but Kate is in love with Charlotte's little face.

Getty | Chris Jackson

Kate and Charlotte have pretty much the same expression here, but what's Charlotte looking at?

Getty | Pool/Samir Hussein

Kate loved watching Charlotte and George enjoy bubbles.

Getty | Karwai Tang

Kate loved watching Charlotte thoroughly enjoy Trooping the Colour.

Getty | AFP

At Prince George's christening, Kate only had eyes for her adorable bundle.

Getty | WPA Pool

Same with Prince Louis's christening — Prince William took ahold of the couple's older two kids while Kate gushed over her newborn.

Getty | Pool/Samir Hussein

Kate smiled as Charlotte trotted alongside her.

Getty | Samir Hussein

Even though Kate was holding Charlotte, she couldn't help but smile at George.

Getty | Max Mumby/Indigo

Kate took a moment during Pippa's wedding to smile adoringly at Charlotte.

Getty | Pool/Samir Hussein

Kate's dimples were in full swing as she smiled at Charlotte.

Getty | Anthony Devlin - PA Images

Even the back of George's little head made this mama happy.

Getty | Chris Jackson

Kate swiveled her head around to grin at a pensive Charlotte.

Getty | Chris J Ratcliffe

As Prince William looks into the crowd of people at the hospital, Kate gets lost in little Louis.

Getty | Danny Martindale

Whatever caught Charlotte's eye isn't enticing Kate — her eyes are on her daughter.

Getty | Franziska Krug

Even though he looks like he's about to potentially meltdown, Kate can't help but look on sweetly at George.

Getty | WPA Pool

Kate couldn't help but smile widely at Charlotte on the day of her christening.

Getty | Pool

Even as Charlotte was pointing something out to Kate, she just wanted to stare at her daughter's adorable cheeks.

Getty | WPA Pool

Kate looked on at George and Charlotte, both looking dapper and elegant at Pippa's wedding.

Getty | DZY

While Prince William fussed with George, Kate put a hand on his head and smiled at her son.

Getty | Samir Hussein

Even with gorgeous flowers in her hands, Kate was peering over at her little girl (and as usual, something out of the shot had Charlotte's undivided attention).

Getty | Anwar Hussein

Seriously, Kate just really loves watching Charlotte watch something else — her joy is too cute, can you blame her?