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Pixar's Short Film Out, About Coming Out to Family | Trailer

Pixar Released a New SparkShorts on Disney+ About Coming Out to Your Parents, and It's So Moving

Pixar's short films, which have now all been filed on Disney+ under its SparkShorts franchise, continue to tug at our heartstrings (remember Kitbull, about the stray cat and pit bull?!) and help us see the world around us from varying perspectives. Its latest short, Out, about a man struggling to come out to his parents, appears to be no different.

In a trailer for the short, a man named Greg can be seen chatting with his dog Jim while holding a framed, heart-adorned photo of himself with his boyfriend, Manuel. Just as Greg's talking through how to come out to his parents, the doorbell rings. Greg's parents have arrived to help him move out of his house, and Greg appears panicked. Watch the full trailer above, which ends on a cliffhanger moment in which Greg's mom finds the framed photo, and catch Out in its entirety on Disney+ now (and please, please make sure you stick around for the amazing after-credits scene!).

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