1 Woman Did the Absolute Most When It Came to Announcing Her Pregnancy on a Pizza Box

Lately, parents have been going above and beyond to put a creative spin on their pregnancy announcements. But one soon-to-be mom from Albuquerque, NM, took it to a whole new level by using pizza from Dion's, a local restaurant, to convey the big news to her boyfriend. Thankfully, one of the employees snapped a photo or two of the box before it was delivered to the unsuspecting future dad — and they're going viral.

The restaurant worker gushed on Twitter over the side-by-side pictures, writing, "so this happened at work and I cried for a good minute."

How exactly did this all go down? By the looks of the note, it appears that the woman simply handed one of the restaurant employees a set of in-depth, handwritten instructions.

The note reads: "Hi can you please do this for my boyfriend before you call our order? Can you please write boldly on the inside of the pizza box lid: 'The butterflies in my tummy have turned into 2 tiny feet. I'm pregnant' in legible or pretty handwriting? Thank you so much!! And thanks for being part of the announcement."

So far, the tweet has amassed nearly 23,000 retweets and over 74,000 likes. Congrats to the soon-to-be parents!