Pregnant Ilana Glazer Gleefully Comparing Herself to a Dumpling Is So Freaking Cute

Many cultures have their own versions of dumplings, as since their beginnings in Ancient China, they have become a fairly broad dish that can be filled with veggies, meat, or cheese and even sweet fillings to serve as desserts. Ilana Glazer took a dumpling's limitless filling options a step further in a recent TikTok video, calling herself "a baby dumpling," as she's pregnant with her first child. It's a reach, but watching her gleefully connecting the dots and sharing her realization is simultaneously sweet and hilarious.

In the video, Ilana shared that she got a bag of frozen dumplings from a local Taiwanese shop to make at home. "And I bit into it, and there was, like, a cute little meatball in it, and I realized . . . " she said, before changing the camera angle to show her bare belly in the mirror. "I'm a dumpling! A baby dumpling! L-O-L."

We can't imagine Ilana not taking the opportunity to at least nickname her child "Dumpling" after this wholesome realization that pregnant people, in a way, are — ahem, *inedible* — dumplings.