This Toddler Loves Her Grandpa So Much, She Teared Up Saying Goodbye

Two-year-old Cami Louis absolutely loves spending time with her grandfather. So when the two had to part ways after a recent visit, Cami felt a little glum. Her mom Colette shared a heartwarming video of Cami bidding her grandpa adieu, and the entire interaction is incredibly pure.

"When you have to say goodbye to your best friend, Grandpa," Colette captioned the touching clip that's set to Danilo Stankovic's song, "Pieces." After blowing her grandfather a kiss goodbye, Cami quickly becomes visibly upset. Thankfully, Colette was there to reassure her daughter that she'd see her BFF soon.

Because Cami hasn't been able to hang out with her grandfather as much over the past year, saying goodbye has been particularly emotional for the toddler. "Cami and her grandfather are best friends — he's been there from the second she was born," Colette, told POPSUGAR. "Due to the pandemic, they haven't been able to see each other as often as they would like. We normally see each other once a month or so and in the past year have seen each other a couple of times."

Now, Cami is looking forward to spending as much time with her grandpa as possible. "They love playing with dinosaurs, being outside in her playhouse, and cuddling up for a movie," said Colette. "They FaceTime just about every day and catch each other's kisses."