This Preschool Called 1 Mom Out For Giving Her Child a Piece of Chocolate

When one mom opened up her child's lunch box after a day at preschool, she found an unexpected surprise.

The Australian mom discovered a note from her child's teacher scolding her food choices. According to the note, the mom of eight included a sweet treat for her 3-year-old and they would prefer her not to do it again. "Your child has a chocolate slice from the Red Food category today. Please choose healthier options for Kindy," the note said, complete with a frowning face.

Although encouraging healthy eating habits and balanced meals for kids are important, people had mixed feelings on how the preschool went about it. "I told [my friend] to put in two slices tomorrow and tell them to get lost," Melinda Reist captioned a photo of the note after her friend shared it on Facebook.

Other parents are commenting that they received similar notes including some scolding them for packing food like chocolate Teddy Grahams (but not the honey or plain versions) and a jam sandwich. Do you think this school's tactics is singling kids out and making them feel like they've done something wrong or is it simply encouraging healthy food at school?