This Is the Coolest Thing You Can Do With Your Baby's Old Onesies

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Onesies get their name due to the fact that they're one piece, but because babies grow so fast — seriously, why so fast?! — there's almost a double meaning to the name, as it may feel like your child only wore each one once before promptly growing into the next size. Babies go through a ton of clothes super quickly, but there are inevitably a few items that will end up meaning more than the others because of how you remember your little one looking in it, who gave it to them, or because something monumental happened while they were wearing the article.

But once your child grows out of that adorable pair of pajamas or seriously cute onesie, there isn't much you can do with them besides keep them in a box along with their baby books and old toys — until now.

Several sellers on Etsy advertise adorable, handmade stuffed animals made from your child's old clothes, and they're the coolest keepsakes. Whatever your reason for having one or two special outfits of your child's saved, rather than relegate it to an old, dusty box, give it new life by getting it turned into something that your child can actually play with and love.

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