What, Like It's Hard? Reese Witherspoon Knows the Struggle of Getting a Good Photo With Kids

For the unlucky few, the end of Spring break may already be near. That's the case for Reese Witherspoon and her family, but they're making the most of it and ending their vacation with adorable selfies and cocktails. Reese shared a collection of smiling photos on Instagram, as her 5-year-old son Tennessee danced around in front of the camera. "Last day of Spring break!" she captioned the post above. "Dancing til it's dark with this guy."

Whether it's the drink in her hand or simply Reese's naturally cheerful demeanor, it seems like Tennessee's dance moves do nothing but thrill her. And even if her son's moves did totally photobomb her solo picture, we can just pretend that was always their plan.

Honestly, Reese, we all know the perfect family photo is basically a myth, it's something even Kim Kardashian struggles with. Don't even ask me how long it took for my family to snag the latest shot for last year's holiday card, and my siblings are basically adults now. Props to Reese and her adorable crew, a group that doesn't take themselves too seriously.

Going into the weekend like...

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😍My guys #springbreak

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