Your Family Probably Doesn't Need These Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey Hats, but They Also Don't Not Need Them

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Thanksgiving doesn't usually get the silliness that it deserves. While I would never take anything away from the seriousness of the holiday, the time with family, or the opportunity to express gratitude and give back to those who've impacted our lives, I also am someone who likes to have fun and put a smile on everyone's face when I can. So when I spotted this three-pack of Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey Hats ($20) on Amazon, I knew it was my moment to thrive. One size fits most men, women, and kids, and the hats stick straight up, making them the perfect accessory to wear to your Thanksgiving family gathering. Plus, the hats will totally remind everyone of the Friends episode that features Joey getting his head stuck in a turkey. Win-win!