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Where to Volunteer on Thanksgiving

7 Ways to Give Back and Make an Impact This Thanksgiving

Where to Volunteer on Thanksgiving
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As satisfying as a warm plate of roast turkey might be, nothing fills the heart up more than volunteering for Thanksgiving. And while that tenderness can stem from reminiscing with loved ones over a bountiful feast, it can also arise from giving back with your time or through a donation.

Volunteering has been proven to reduce stress and increase positive, relaxed feelings by releasing dopamine, according to the Mayo Clinic. And research has found that individuals who volunteer have lower mortality rates than those who do not, because the benefits of reduced stress further decrease risk of many physical and mental health problems, such has heart disease, stroke, depression, anxiety, and general illness. Besides the many health benefits, it's lovely to feel a sense of purpose and can often lead to new social connections — literally making you more thankful in the process.

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular times for volunteering, so while there are a wide variety of opportunities, it's best to sign up for something sooner rather than later. (Who wants to get turned away from delivering turkeys and seeing the smile on someone's face?) If you're seeking meaningful ways to give back over this holiday, here are Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities that will give you a newfound sense of gratitude and appreciation.

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