Ryan Reynolds Taps Jessie James Decker to Share Her Version of the Vasectomy Cocktail

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If anyone knows how to deliver a great ad, it's Ryan Reynolds. In another hilarious Aviation Gin commercial released on June 14 ahead of Father's Day, the dad of four taps Jessie James Decker to mix up her own version of The Vasectomy, a cocktail he first introduced in 2021.

The country singer, who shares three kids with former NFL star Eric Decker, kicks off the ad joking she's "taking matters into [her] own hands" since her husband refused to get a vasectomy. Similar to Reynolds's past commercials, Jessie's dry sarcasm and amusing facial expressions were bound to prompt laughs. She first fills a glass with lots of ice, saying, "That's probably more than you need to soothe your tender areas after what I'm told is a pretty quick and painless procedure. I mean, it's not like giving birth."

Jessie's edition of the cocktail consists of cranberry juice that's "sweet like an outpatient gesture of love," Aviation Gin, and Blake Lively's Betty Buzz tonic water. "Looks like there's at least one husband out there looking out for his better half," she jokes. After finishing the recipe, their husbands make an unexpected appearance. As Eric takes a sip of the drink, Reynolds says, "You know those don't actually work, right?" before Jessie quickly whispers, "Don't listen to him — they work."

Reynolds hilariously launched the cocktail in June 2021, describing the drink as one that's "as refreshing as fatherhood." Then a father of three, he jokingly referenced the joys of fatherhood as he mixed the beverage, which included filling a tall glass of ice like "the way children fill our lives with so much joy" and pouring in tonic water that's "so bubbly," the way he feels "every day waking up after a long, full night of sleep." Ahead of Father's Day in 2022, Reynolds teamed up with Nick Cannon, famously a dad to 12 kids, to share his version of The Vasectomy.

Watch Decker's comedic ad in full above.