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Ryan Reynolds's Aviation Gin Vasectomy Cocktail Ad | Video

Ryan Reynolds's Latest Gin Ad Shares the Vasectomy, a Drink "as Refreshing as Fatherhood"

If anyone knows how to deliver a great ad, it's Ryan Reynolds. In yet another funny Aviation Gin commercial in honor of Father's Day, the dad of three shared his recipe for a cocktail he calls the Vasectomy, a drink that's "as refreshing as fatherhood." As Ryan takes us through the easy steps, we can't help but crack up at his dry sarcasm and hilarious facial expressions that indicate exactly how he feels about being a dad.

From filling a tall glass of ice just like "the way children fill our lives with so much joy" and pouring in tonic water that's "so bubbly" like how he feels "every day waking up after a long, full night of sleep," the actor's instructions are so entertaining that you'll forget you're even watching an ad. Check out the tutorial ahead to see how Ryan makes "the mother of all cocktails."

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