This Couple's Stunning Birth Photo Proves That "Love Will Win"

Krista Evans Photography

Before giving birth to their baby girl, Kathleen Baker and her wife, Sarah Stanford Baker, were hit with a variety of obstacles. From months of intense radiation treatment to lifesaving, emergency surgery, the Canadian pair didn't know if motherhood would ever be in their future.

"It was the roller-coaster years to follow that forced us into an entirely new realm of staggering trials, having to repeatedly stomach the indescribable ways that infertility can swell your dreams so huge with promise and then swiftly shred your heart apart with crippling devastation," Sarah told POPSUGAR. "So many times we were forced to pick up the scattered aching fragments of hope and process how we were going to try all over again."

However, they continued to pursue their dream of becoming parents and Kathleen finally conceived. "Our efforts eventually rewarded us in the ultimate way, and surrounded at home by our beloved birth support squad, my heroic wife so fiercely and so picturesquely gave birth to our beautiful baby girl," Sarah said. "Of course, it would only be in fitting theme for later that same night my wife to nearly lose her life . . . once again. This time, though, she emerged able to hold a new life."

When they finally met their miracle baby, the new moms had a talented birth photographer, Krista Evans, capture each incredible moment. One snapshot in particular showcases the moms rejoicing as their baby girl nurses for the first time and the grateful new parents believe this image is the perfect reflection of their journey. "It is all that we have survived together, amongst the proverbial curve balls and raw deals and sh*t storms. It is everything that we have ever wanted, and stopped at nothing to get," Sarah said. "When we fell madly in love, we never could have imagined all that our love would win."

For Krista, getting not only to meet these strong women but also witness the love between them and their daughter was a unique honor that she doesn't take for granted. "The journey that these women went on was far from easy, but when they look down at their daughter they see the physical representation of their love, their intense support, their belief," Krista said. "This little girl is so blessed to have two mamas to teach her how to be brave, how to love greatly, and how to unapologetically be herself."