Selma Blair's Post About Raising Kids With a Chronic Illness Is the Reminder All Parents Need

Selma Blair — the 46-year-old actress who you probably recognize from some of your '90s faves and beyond — recently spoke out about what it's like to parent when you have a chronic illness. After opening up about what it's like to have multiple sclerosis (MS) a few months ago, the mom of one has been more candid than ever about what it's like to raise kids when you're not feeling your best.

"Here's a truth. I feel sick as all hell. I am vomiting and all the things which are not polite to speak of," she confessed. "My son ran away. From me. I have to get him to school. The medical treatments take their toll. I am going to get through this. We do. This will pass. And to moms and dads who watch their kids sick on things we want them to take to get better . . . I hold you. So glad this is me and not my child. I cannot imagine ever feeling OK again. But it's still morning. We get through."