I Cannot Get Over These Senior Citizens' Back-to-School Photos, Advice Included!

Back-to-school season is in full swing! And parents, you know what that means: school supplies galore, Pinterest-worthy lunches, and obligatory first-day-of-school pictures. And while we're complete suckers for hilarious photos showing parents celebrating their little ones going back to class or hysterical side-by-sides of kids before and after school, these senior citizens knocked it out of the park with their "first-day" photos. Garden View Assisted Living — a facility in Carroll, IA — did its own back-to-school-style photo shoot for its residents, and frankly we can't get enough of these pictures.

Complete with their very own individual signs that state their ages and graduating years, each senior — or nursing home employee! — had the opportunity to share a little piece of advice they want to give students headed back to the classroom, ranging from "Good students ask questions" to "Get as much out of school as you can. It will be very handy later!" Aw, this is just beyond sweet. Keep reading to get a look at all of the inspirational photos!