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Girl's Before and After First Day of School Photo

This Little Girl's Before-and-After First Day of School Photo Is 1 For the Dang Books

Out of all the Back To School pictures we received here at Barrhead News HQ, this has got to be our favourite....

Posted by Barrhead News on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

We've all been there. You head off to work dressed to the nines and return with your hair in a top knot looking a little . . . lackluster. Well Lucie, a girl from East Renfrewshire, Scotland, showed up to her first day of school looking cute as a button. But after a long day in the classroom she came back home, clearly having seen better days. Her mom, Jill, shared the hilarious before-and-after photos with local newspaper Barrhead News, and naturally it immediately went viral.

"She absolutely loves school and this was her first day in [primary 2] so she loved having her new things on," said Jill. "The wonders of primary two! The teachers are really good, they do a lot of active learning and things with them — so I take it it was down to that. She'd obviously had a really fun day."

Once Jill saw the state of her daughter she asked Lucie what she did on her first day back. Her response? "Nothing much." Sounds about right!

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