Julia's Dad From Sesame Street Shares Tips to Help Kids With Autism Understand Masks

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Even our pals on Sesame Street know wearing a mask can be bothersome, but they also know masks are essential to protecting us and our loved ones. Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization associated with the show, debuted a new set of resources dedicated to children on the autism spectrum and their families in order to help them understand the impact of the pandemic, and we have to give Julia a big virtual hug.

The 4-year-old Muppet, who has autism, stars in the new set of videos. In one, she learns how to feel more comfortable while wearing a mask. Julia's father, Daniel, recommends practicing wearing a mask for a few seconds at a time while at home and even making a miniature version of a mask for a stuffed pal like Julia did with her bunny, Fluffster. If Fluffster can do it, she can try, too!

Additional resources from Sesame Workshop include a virtual playdate between Julia and Elmo, tips for online school, and overall help in dealing with all the changes in routines.

"We know that children with autism and their families are experiencing unique challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that schedules, routines, and guidelines can change with little warning," Dr. Jeanette Betancourt from Sesame Workshop said in a press release. "The new resources are designed to help families manage unexpected circumstances, familiarize children with important new behaviors like wearing masks, and incorporate practical strategies into their day-to-day lives — all with a little help from Julia." Check out the mask video from Julia and Daniel above.