Mom Writes a Letter to Her Daughter About Why She Won't Let Her Watch The Bachelor

As a grown woman who loves to tune in live to any version of The Bachelor series, I can tell you that I watch it simply for the sh*tty reality TV entertainment factor. Whether the show is authentic or not (most of the time it's totally not) is constantly a hot topic in the entertainment world, and one mom just summed up why this show's concept can be harmful to viewers, especially younger ones.

"Last night you got angry at me. You told me that it isn't fair that I don't let you watch The Bachelor," starts Constance Hall's Facebook post addressed to her 7-year-old daughter, Billie-Violet. "I let you watch all sorts of shows, you often hear swearing on TV, and you don't bat an eyelid at nudity. So why have I gone all hard arse on The Bachelor?"

Her reasoning, it turns out, is pretty damn near flawless.

You go to school and you are asked to run race against your best friend, you get into class and you offered a prize if you are the BEST artist in the class, you brush your hair with your friends and decide to hold a COMPETITION on whose hair is the longest. . . . Your little lives are full to the brim with competing against each other — sometimes it's a miracle that kids leave childhood with any friends at all.

But do you know what one thing you should NEVER, ever compete for is?


Although many of us aren't jumping at the chance to let our little ones sit with us on the couch when we tune into The Bachelor for the same exact reason, it's worth reading the rest of Hall's argument against letting Billie-Violet watch.

"The day your friends fall in love should bring you SOOOO much joy. The absolute funnest part of falling in love is debriefing and dissecting and repeating every single thing that he said to you with your friends, because they WANT to know, they love the fact that you are in love. They don't sit in a corner at a cocktail party staring at you and bitching about you to other girls who they also hate because they are all COMPETING for love. That's just not how it works."