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Why Single Moms Deserve a Second Chance at Love

6 Reasons Single Moms Deserve Love the Second Time Around

As a single mom, you are amazing.

The problem is you most likely don't realize that, or if you do, you have grown so independent that perhaps you've grown to believe that love might never walk down your street.

Society likes to shame moms who have had divorces. Article after article I've written, I will always find one person who likes to comment, accusing me falsely of walking out of my marriage, even though that wasn't the case and even though we went through many rounds of counseling together.

Society likes to make comments about moms — or more likely the state the moms are in — after a father abandons or drops out of the child's life.


There are so many myths about single parenthood in general, but sometimes, when you've grown tired of doing things on your own, it's hard to not feel down and wonder:

"When will I find love again?"

It can be hard to date when you're a single mom, simply because you don't want your children to get caught up with a bunch of people who may not be permanent fixtures in your kids' lives. Not only that, but some men don't want to date a woman with children, whereas women are more open to dating a man with kids. It stinks, but it's true. This doesn't mean that you can't find love as a single mom: it simply means the journey can be more difficult than hoped for. But the fact is, why would you want to settle with just anyone? Don't you and your children deserve someone amazing in all of your lives? Yes, yes, and yes!

You're Already Put Together

Single moms deserve love because, news flash, people: we are already put together. We are not looking for some Prince Charming to come save us because we have saved ourselves. We care for our kids, pay our bills, manage the household, and then some, all on our own. When you fall in love with a single mom, you love a powerful and strong person. That damsel in distress at the bar might look cute, but she won't be cute when you're taking care of her and cleaning up her messes both literally and figuratively. A single mom is a woman, through and through, and she will hold her own — thank you very much!

You Know What You're Worth

You've already experienced heartache and the dark side, and now you know the mistakes you will never make, ever again, in love. Knowing is half of the battle. Knowing you are worth more than what you've had before means you're ready to really be loved. See, that's one of the biggest problems: so many of us don't really believe we deserve love, but you, single mom, you better believe it because you're ready for the real deal — no imposters please.

You're Durable

As a single mom, you've been through a lot, and despite the lickings, you kept on ticking! That's impressive. When others are hemming and hawing or forgetting to be grateful, there you are, letting the small stuff slide and remembering to be thankful for the roof over your head and the children by your side.

You're Practical but Still Passionate

You know what a real relationship looks like, and you're not expecting some Cinderella, every-single-day-is-a-movie life! You're practical about love and know that it takes work, effort, and commitment to the relationship, not just in words but with daily actions. Despite this practicalness, you've still got a romantic and passionate side, and you would love to be swept off your feet just a little bit. This makes you fun and . . .

Ready For Some Adventure

Yes, single moms are responsible for quite a lot, but all work and no play makes mom a miserable girl, and she knows it! As a single mom, you are ready and willing for some fun.


Many single moms are content with their lives, as is. They have made their own lives without someone there, and finding a happy woman is an amazing thing. Who wants to be with a grouch for the rest of their lives?

Whether you're doubtful or certain, I promise you that, as a single mom, you deserve love just like anyone and everyone else! The journey can be hard, but the time will come. Don't stop believing!

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