This Drink Holder Means You Can Have Bath Time With Wine EVERY Night

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If you retreat to the shower seeking a little alone time and relaxation, this functional drink holder will only make things sweeter. Thanks to SipCaddy, you can bring your favorite red, white, or Rosé into the tub or shower and let it hang from "nearly any smooth surface" by suctioning the device to your bathroom wall. Genius! And don't worry, beer-lovers — this one's for you too! The SipCaddy can adjust to fit your can of choice as well.

While the creators of SipCaddy claim it can withstand up to seven pounds of pressure, the website says these devices are "not intended" to be used with glassware. Instead, reach for your favorite acrylic or plastic stemware and drink away! Shower time just got that much more enjoyable.

And a Bottle or Two

And a Bottle or Two

Don't forget the white wine, a crisp bottle of Josh Sauvignon Blanc ($13) is perfect for a long soak.