9 Moms Get Real About How They Knew They Were Ready For a Second Baby

Deciding whether to wait six weeks or six months before trying for baby number two is a personal decision between two parents that can be pretty difficult to make. It's hard to know when is the right time to add another baby to the mix just as you're starting to get a grip on being a parent to one tiny person. Sometimes that second positive pregnancy test happens by surprise and other times parents strategically plan down to the exact month they want to conceive in order to space their kiddos out a desired number of months. From feeling like her oldest is getting too independent to being struck with baby fever while visiting a newborn, these nine moms opened up about how they knew they were ready to add to their brood.

  1. "At the time my daughter was a year and a half and becoming more independent. I thought to myself, 'Gosh I miss her being a baby and needing me.' So boom, nine months later came her sister..." — Sheliza
  2. "Our pediatrician told us that when my son turns three to have another one. It was the best advice ever!" — Shellian
  3. "When my toddler started driving us crazy and we decided she needed a playmate." — April
  4. "We wanted our kids two years apart ... I'm always going to be baby hungry since I love momming so much." — Missa
  5. "I was walking into the maternity floor at the hospital to visit a family member, and something about it . . . I just knew." — Liz
  6. "I knew it was time when I missed my period." — Jenny
  7. "My second little girl is four years old and sometimes I still don't feel ready for her." — Kari
  8. "A positive pregnancy test four months after my first!" — Amber
  9. "I found out when my first was a year and a half from a positive pregnancy test after my husband had morning sickness . . . It was so funny, he threw up so badly that he went to the emergency room!" — Anna