23 Signs Your Kid Needs an Attitude Adjustment ASAP

Although having a strong-willed child can be exhausting at times, it can also mean you're raising a pretty incredible human being. However, there's a difference between being confident in expressing their opinions and just having a bad attitude. It's equally important to keep in mind that just because your kiddo doesn't have perfect manners doesn't instantly make him or her a brat.

But if you notice that your kid is quick to say no, usually assumes the worst, and takes some convincing to try new things (usually before being pleasantly surprised!), you might be dealing with a child who has a negative demeanor. Before you can help your little one learn to see the big picture and approach situations with a positive mindset, you need to first recognize that there may be an issue.

Read ahead for a few signs that your kid might need a bit of an attitude adjustment ASAP.

Signs Your Child Needs an Attitude Adjustment

  1. They throw tantrums in both public and private.
  2. "No" is their knee-jerk response.
  3. They assume the worst.
  4. They focus on the negative.
  5. They're controlling.
  6. They can be condescending.
  7. They have trouble respecting dissenting opinions.
  8. You have to bribe them.
  9. They're quick to show their disappointment.
  10. Whining is their typical form of communication.
  11. They focus on what others can do for them and not the other way around.
  12. They find humor at the expense of peers.
  13. They are rude instead of respectful to adults.
  14. They blow upsets out of proportion and are hyperbolic.
  15. They'd rather not share . . . ever.
  16. They have trouble letting go of small issues.
  17. They are quick to resist.
  18. They always think they're right.
  19. They tend not to take into account another's point of view.
  20. They have high expectations for what others should do for them.
  21. They're rarely satisfied.
  22. They don't show respect in their tone or words.
  23. They focus on what they think they deserve.