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Signs You Have a Strong-Willed Child

10 Signs of a Strong-Willed Child and Why It's Actually a Good Thing

Signs You Have a Strong-Willed Child
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If you've ever caught yourself exasperatedly wondering, "Why won't they just do as they're told?!" multiple times in the same day — or even hour — chances are good that you have a strong-willed child on your hands. Plenty of parents can relate to dealing with a marathon argument or two, but there's a difference between enduring a sporadic, passionate outburst and the day-in, day-out struggles with a spirited child. And while you may catch yourself feeling envious of the quiet kid at the restaurant or the one who isn't a picky eater, your child's hard-headed tendencies can actually be a blessing in disguise.

Here's a checklist of 10 signs that you have a strong-willed kid and why it can actually be a good thing.

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