Steph and Ayesha Curry Are Parents to 3 Adorable Kids, and We Have 31 Pictures to Prove It

We've always known that Stephen and Ayesha Curry's daughters, Riley and Ryan, are tiny stars who live to outshine their parents. Really, though, the whole family is too cute for words — especially after they welcomed son Canon over the Summer, who just adds another dose of cuteness to the mix.

For two incredibly busy parents — Ayesha with her cooking empire and Stephen leading the Golden State Warriors — they still find so much time to spend with each other and their three children, and thankfully they share so much of it on Instagram so we can tag along. For 31 of their absolute sweetest moments, keep reading.


When Ayesha Matches Her Littles

This denim jacket Ayesha got to complement her little girl is adorable, and we can only hope the rest of the family has them as well.


When the Whole Family Matches

It's one thing to have Christmas pajamas, but it's a whole other ballgame to have matching striped outfits for the family.


When Ayesha Catches Quiet Moments of Steph With the Kids

This snap of Steph with the family's newest addition, Canon, is so precious.


When They Have Dance Parties

Ayesha didn't let being pregnant with baby Canon stop her from dancing with her girls.


When the Family Gets Snuggly on the Couch

This family seems to love a nice cuddly night in — and in matching outfits again!


When They Go Out to Celebrate Birthdays

It's Ryan's birthday, and she'll do what she wants, thanks.


When They Cuddle With Their Babies

Just look how content Ayesha and little Canon are. So stinkin' cute.


When Steph Spoils His Girls

Ayesha posts so many photos of Steph with the kids, like this sweet moment of him with Ryan.


When They Were So Excited to Announce Baby No. 2

Both Steph and Ayesha shared this cute announcement about expecting their second child.


When They Didn't Let the Rain Slow Them Down

It may have been raining, but the family still went on an adventure!


When Steph Snapped Riley Wearing a Tiny Version of His Shoes

It looks like Steph's shoes are about as big as Riley!


When the Whole Family Shows Up to Support Steph

Ayesha, Riley, and Ryan all came out to support Steph after his Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship in 2017.


When Ayesha and Ryan Get Silly

This boomerang of Ayesha and Ryan is both adorable and silly.


When Ayesha Does Her Kids' Hair

It's sweet to see the simple, very mom-like moments that Ayesha captures for Instagram, like ones of her doing her kids' hair.


When They Show Off Their Love

You can really feel the love Steph and Ayesha have for each other and for their kids in all their photos.


When They Went to Disney

How cute is the Curry family at Disneyland?


When They Welcomed Ryan to the Family

Riley looks so happy to be a big sis!


When They Took Riley Out For a Big-Girl Dinner

Steph and Ayesha got dressed up to show their oldest daughter a lovely time.


When They Hula Danced in Hawaii

We can't decide if we think Steph or Riley did a better job. Probably Riley.


When They Smooched This Giant Version of Their Daughter

Whether they brought this along on their trip or someone gave it to them doesn't matter. It's still cute!


When They Snap Car Pics

Both Ayesha and Steph post a lot of pictures of the family in the car together.


When They Have Play Dates at the Park Together

Steph captured this sweet moment of Ayesha with her girls at the park all having a blast.


And Even More Play Dates at the Park!

They just love to spend time together as much as possible, especially since Steph has to travel so much for work.


When Ayesha and Riley Snap Cute Selfies

You can see how much personality little Riley had already!


When Steph and the Kids Laze Around Together

Steph has an extremely busy schedule, so it must be so nice to have those moments to just chill with his family.


When Riley Helps Ayesha in the Kitchen

Who wouldn't want to crawl up onto the counter and help Mom bake?


When the Whole Family Snaps Selfies

We kinda love it when the whole family gets in on the selfies.


When Riley Helps Dad at Work

We're not saying she's a huge influence on the Warriors' winning seasons, but we're also not not saying that.


When They Take in the Views Together

Steph and Ayesha make sure their kids have great experiences, like enjoying the San Francisco views on a beautiful day.


When Steph Snaps Selfies With His Kids

Matching kissy faces. We can't even get over how cute.


When They Let the Kids Be the Stars of the Show

We've always known Riley was a star, and Steph and Ayesha encourage her to shine always.