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Stephen Colbert Answers Kids' Funny Election Questions Video

Stephen Colbert Answering Kids' Questions About the Election Is the Laugh I Needed Today

Talking to your kids about the election can be a difficult but important conversation to have, and sometimes they'll even surprise you with a few unexpected questions. During The Late Show, Stephen Colbert sat down on his office floor to answer a few of those "pressing" questions from children across the country interested in learning more about democracy. "Can cheese vote?" 7-year-old Rhys asked, really kicking the segment off with a hard ball. Stephen's response? "Cheese can vote, so long as it is American cheese and aged at least 18 years. And, of course, cheese tends to vote in blocks. Gouda question."

As cheesy as some of Stephen's answers were, these children weren't afraid to continue asking the "hard-hitting" questions only kids could come up with. "If I was elected to be the president, would I be allowed to paint the White House pink and purple?" 6-year-old Eva Jean asked. Watch the hilarious video here to see what Stephen had to say about giving the White House a makeover and to watch him expertly explain third-party voting to a 3-year-old.

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