13 Things I Used to Do Before I Had 3 Young Kids

Having two kids is tough, but three really kicks things up a notch. As in, your whole life gets turned upside down. Everything is a little bit harder, takes a little bit longer, and costs a lot more money. And if they're all close in age, you're in for some, shall we say, changes in those early years. I'm eight months in with my trio, and of course they're more than worth it, but man am I excited for the day I can duck out for a quick pedicure without planning months in advance.


Buy Those Organic, Gluten-Free Waffles

Six waffles in one box? LOL. If it doesn't come in a 24-pack and costs more than a movie ticket, it's not making it into my cart.


Get My Nails Done

Put that, and pretty much every other personal appointment, at the bottom of the list next to everything else I no longer have time for. (But let's be real: I still get a sitter so I can get my hair done. Priorities.)


Shop Anywhere but Online

With two I could still sneak out on weekends for a quick stroll through Nordstrom, but now, if it's not available via Amazon Prime (thanks, Shopbop!), it's not an option.



If it's not a crying baby, it's a toddler with a nightmare or a preschooler who wet the bed. And even when they do go all night, I'm always still awake before 6 a.m. I'll sleep again someday, right?


Drink Anything Other Than Alcohol

Remember when water was an acceptable beverage with meals? Me neither. OK, OK, I don't usually open the wine until dinner time, but I certainly never drank as much alcohol as I do now. Let's just say I didn't really understand those "mommy needs a drink" memes until after my third.


Talk to My Husband

There is so much going on at all times that if my husband does get home before bedtime, I need his help, not the rundown of his day. And if we're ever alone, I would rather stare at the wall than discuss getting the broken water heater fixed.


Have Alone Time

See above. But seriously — can they all just leave me alone to scroll Instagram for FIVE MINUTES?!


Remember Things

Diapers, appointments, show-and-tells, snacks — you name it, I've forgotten it. Your brain is at max capacity just keeping track of three little ones, so don't be surprised when things inevitably slip through the cracks.


Care What My Kids Wear

This was a hard one for me to accept, because they are just so cute in those coordinating ensembles, but I no longer have it in me to fight the outfit battles. Wear what you want, kids. And bonus points if you get dressed yourself.


Write Thank-You Notes

I'm not proud of it, but thank-you notes just aren't in the cards (wink, wink) for me right now. Until I can get back to proper etiquette, a text message will just have to do. (Sorry, Mom.)


Worry About Things

Sure, I still worry, but not about all the random things I used to have room for in my brain. There's no more overthinking picture-day outfits, agonizing about the amount of veggies in their diets, or panicking over every runny nose. It's a little bit liberating . . . as long as you actually remember when picture day is.


Get Groceries Anywhere but Costco

Trader Joe's is cute and all, but it doesn't sell apples by the crate or those giant, family-size boxes of Cheerios that barely fit in your cupboard. And I don't even want to know what my grocery bill will look like when my littlest isn't only eating purées.


Go a Day or Two Without Doing Laundry

Who are these kids and when did they start requiring three outfit changes a day?